Inversions (2019)

Inversions’ marks a development from my previous interests, exploring the  medium of photography itself, enjoying the purity of working with light, and stripping meaning to focus on form and abstraction.

These images are cyanotypes, digitised, and then after experimenting with the effects of inverting and desaturating the colour, printed on Silver Halide archival Fuji paper.

The photogram is a negative - the sun developing around an object, which then becomes a positive through the process of fixing the image in water.  Playing with the idea of inverting light further through photo editing software provided me with this series of bold, graphic and abstract shapes.  The circular shapes seem to refer to ovums, and to the source of life itself - the sun.

The texture of the paper, the debris from the scan are all visible in the final images. I did not retouch them, choosing instead to embrace the evidence of their creation.

(This work was first exhibited as part of group show 'I Was Here' at Clifford Thames Gallery, 2019).